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20 November 2019 / 10:20 / Published in: INTRO

About Yanita.NL
Yanita Milanova

Yanita.NL is a personal web project of Yanita Milanova- Holistic Practitioner, based in Amsterdam/ Netherlands.

The purpose of this site is not just an internet presence or personal virtual space of the author.


This is a place for honestly sharing and creating of dynamic objective content, according to my experience, knowledge and life sensation, developed with joy, personal style, observation, responsibility.


Yanita.NL is a kind of mirror about me, but not only that. It is a place, that generates fresh ideas, having the potential to transform, support, collaborate, help, inspire, motivate, comprehend, foster awareness at all levels. I imagine it as a lab for mastering a greener, cleaner, healthier, more balanced, energetic, enthusiastic, peaceful life, created with the materials and laws of Nature, with the tools, helping us stay on our own path- the will to change for the better, intelligent stress management, positivity and a very personal attitude.


A space coming to show, that things can happen this way too -with honesty, pure emotion, awareness, green thinking, well-intentioned, natural care, passion, wisdom, love and a constant desire to learn and grow more and more.


A healthy life is a dynamic balance, in which we are active participants.

Let's journey forward to personal growth and self-affirmation!


Photograpy: Tihomir Iliev

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