Yanita.NL is a personal web platform, founded by Yanita Milanova- graduated Graphic Designer with over 20 years of active practice in applied arts, advertising and international cartoon productions, now professional Classical Homeopath from IACH- Alonissos/ Greece, Holistic Therapist, Childbirth International Birth Doula, Prenatal and Postpartum Educator, teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Recovery Yoga.


Yanita is an active supporter of Science Homeopathy- her main  passion and vocation, she works wholeheartedlybelieving, that Classical Homeopathy (a wonderful healing art)  deserves its place in the modern  world.


So, hi! Nice to meet you!


Тhe key words, which I stand behind, are natural health care, conscious pregnancy and parenting, green, creative, ethic, empathetic, sustainable,  active and eco-friendly oriented lifestyle, I am a mother of Matea (7 yrs).


I live in Amsterdam/ Netherlands, where I am inspired to develop my full spectrum holistic practice, driven by my strong and vitally important desire to help people, following sustainable values as a lifestyle- to be compassionate and supportive as a holistic specialist, doing my work with love and devotion in а continuous development and self-upgrading.


I genuinely believe, that personal example is of great importance and is a reflection of life philosophy- no theorizing and no clichés.


My main principle is always to be open up helping anyone, who feels the conscious path as own and wants to expand his/her inner knowledge, to live well balanced with peace, to develop self-esteem and self-care, with a good mind-emotions-body connection, to overcome the illness intelligently and without suppression, to learn more about healthy pregnancy, motherhood and parenthood, to enjoy living a reasonable, serene life in a community of tolerance, mutual help, respect and positive connections.


My aim is to provide a warm and friendly service, that is equally professional and effective, striving to constantly improve my skills and background.


I love our planet and I respect the simple laws of Nature, so I am constantly interested how to minimise and reverse our contribution to climate change, believing that the contribution of each of us is very important.


Thank you for stopping by here, for your interest, time and trust!


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